Garrett N. Derhofer


Founder of Studio-412

Garrett has been playing music his whole life. He’s fortunate enough to have a fairly good ear and is able to play a number of instruments.

This ability to play anything from Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Cello, Synth, Percussion, etc. gives Garrett a significant advantage in being able to bring musical ideas to life quickly.

Garrett prides himself in taking on the style of the artist he is working with and works hard to bring the best out of his artists.

Tom Osmunson


Tom Can Do It All...

Need a classical guitar part? He’s your guy. Bass? Yup. Ripping electric solo? Why not? Tom can do it all.

He’s been working with Studio-412 since 2017 and we’re lucky to have him. Book a session with Tom today and take your music to the next level!